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When a client is open-minded - it's a fun brief! Jodie approached me to create an identity for her new recruitment and consultancy/ coaching business and when she presented me with the business name she had chosen, I was excited because it had so much meaning and passion behind it - we all know I love a good brand story!

She explained that she was well known for always going over and above in her career with very high standards for herself and her work, so the word "Exceed" was an obvious pick. And the word "League" seemed the perfect fit because of her goals to eventually develop a team and to expand the business into different arms/services. A league of professionals!

So many ideas came to mind and Jodie really enjoyed exploring all of the avenues I presented but in the end, the winner was this identity

that had E's representing stairs to success and having the words stacked over one another tied in with Jodie always striving to go over and above for clients.

"Melissa was recommended to me by a business contact to assist with the branding and image for a new business. Not only was the product she supplied exceptional, her willingness to assist and guide us throughout the journey was excellent, combined with her knowledge it made the project super easy to navigate and left us with a great result. Highly recommend and will most definitely continue to use again!"

Jodie Hanssen | Director - Exceed League

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