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Property Guide Australia's mission is to identify and assist in acquiring and managing income producing properties for investors. They detect opportunities to preserve capital investments, collect consistent cash-flow. While waiting for future capital appreciation of the assets that provide a means for successful living. Working alongside investors, they help build their portfolio of assets, assisting them to reduce debt whilst ensuring they are using their tax dollars to assist in creating wealth.

Upon meeting Director Michael Mancuso and his team, they discussed the shift in the industry and their business, noticing factors that impacted the success of acquiring a client or not.

They foresee the business evolving in the coming year and they felt It was time to step up the brand at this pivotal time where many similar businesses are remaining complacent and mediocre in their collateral presentation.

The brief was to refresh the PGA identity so that it realigns with the business mission and their evolving service offering. They also provided me with the current presentation collateral they provide clients with and discussed how they wish to refresh this material to also assist in elevating the brand to the next level.

With the brand refresh now complete, we are now working through the redesign of their marketing material.

PGA | Identity Refresh
PGA | Brochure Mockup
PGA | Digital Mockup
PGA | Signage
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