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Another assessment in my second semester at Tractor Design School. The brief was to design graphics and a cutting forme for a new brand of food or beverage packaging. I was required to produce a logo design and brand name, and present all research and development in a research document along with a final logo sheet, flat exploded artwork, separate cutting forme and a computer generated 3D version of the packaging. Having a particular interest in healthy snacks, I decided to create packaging for a product that comes in a variety of flavours and this led me to a product like chips. But I am particularly a sweet tooth and a huge fan of coconut so I thought coconut chips would be a great combination of both. Many coconut chips on the market currently however have added preservatives and sugars to make them sweeter, so I wanted to ensure my product is completely free of colours, flavours and preservatives and only sweetened naturally. And so, Cocozion was born!

Cocozion | Packaging Dieline
Cocozion | Cutting Forme
Cocozion | Logo Development
Cocozion | Pillow Box Packaging
Cocozion | Logo Development
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