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Having worked with Michael to update the visual identities and create marketing collateral for his current businesses PGA Advisory and Mickys Art, he is now looking to establish a development company known as Knightsbridge Developments.


A past visit to one of the most sought-after and exclusive locations in central London, has remained firmly in mind for some time and Michael finally decided it is the perfect fit for the name of this business.


Having dealt with many developers and investors through PGA, he identified a gap in the market for high-end townhouse developments in outer Melbourne suburbia. given the rising property prices of inner Melbourne, people are being driven to look further out yet do not want to compromise on a stylish, quality home. he is looking to meet this demand with well-built and spec’d up townhouses to appeal to this demographic.


His mission is to build a brand that people associate with architectural designs, quality fixtures and fittings with an eye for the finer details, and partner with reputable and respected brands to deliver these projects.


Ultimately, making high-end homes accessible to all, regardless of their proximity to Melbourne's inner-city - luxury shouldn't be dependent on location.


The brief was to develop a a brand that felt bold and minimalistic, with a monochromatic colour palette. Michael mentioned he envisioned a bold typeface, something that makes a statement and hold its own in the industry. 


Whilst the official company name is Knightsbridge Developments, he mentioned that he liked the idea of "Knightsbridge" potentially being used on its own for the branding and marketing, while retaining the FULL company name for any official documents.


He then required this identity to be rolled out across a stationery suite, as well as a website. these branded assets are crucial in setting the tone for how people portray Knightsbridge Developments.

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