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Having personally experienced Lisa’s cool and calm disposition amidst a chaotic project, I now understand the importance of event management. Not only did she deliver the most stunning, on-brief and hugely successful gala dinner but she did so with minimal support, resources and budget. Mind blown is an understatement!


With a background in hotel and event agencies, she has developed a solid base of supplier relationships and invaluable knowledge in creating notable experiences - from single-day events and launches, gala dinners to multi-day conferences, incentive and reward programs, and group travel itineraries.


She now looks to venture out and build a name for herself in the events and Airbnb/Stayz industry, offering end-to-end services, beginning with the creative concept through to on-site/property management and anything in between to create a unique event to suit any brief.


Her point of difference will be a tailored, personalised, genuine one-to-one service, with a strong desire to work as an extension of the client’s team - bringing a calm and creative approach to their next event.


Ultimately, creating memorable and meaningful experiences that build human connection, which she believes is the heart of all events.

Given we are often drawn to those that portray aesthetics and values similar to our own, Lisa was looking to have an identity created which reflects her personal sense of style with the vision of attracting a similar audience.


In terms of a colour palette, she explained her love of neutral/earthy tones such as deeper blues, moss greens and earthy reds and oranges. She provided a variety of brands she references for inspiration and the same aesthetic was evident across them all which clearly communicated to me the aesthetic she is looking to achieve.


She then required this identity to be rolled out across a digital stationery suite that includes a client budget, as well as a landing page that will initially provide a brief description about herself and invite visitors to get in touch. As she develops a portfolio of events to showcase, we will build out this landing page to a full website.


Once established with these brand basics, she then wishes to develop a proposal document. I advised her to first settle into her identity, find its ebb and flows and then we could work on this document given it will be such a monumental part of her brand’s pitching process that should not be rushed or created without a strategic approach.


Traits we strove to showcase through her brand identity were her unique sense of style, down to earth sincerity and super friendly demeanour.

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