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Lisa and Eddie have purchased an apartment in fitzroy with the intention of turning it into a beautiful airbnb for travellers. But more than just an airbnb and a holiday destination, they want to create a genuine hospitality experience for their visitors, to relax and feel at home and to explore our city. Something personal vs the usual hotel/serviced apartment options available in the city.


Smack bang in the middle of melbourne’s best food and drink experiences, the location will be a big draw card. many people plan their trips around accommodation they would like to stay at vs the destination itself and given There are many beautiful Airbnb’s in regional Victoria, lisa feels they have a great opportunity to be booked by those having an escape in the country, and looking to combine that with city adventures.


Lisa referenced a part of travelling that I particularly love and that was that time of the day late in the afternoon when you’ve been out and about walking all day exploring, then you head back to where you’re staying to relax for a bit before starting again with drinks and getting ready for dinner. she’s trying to focus on that in between time, and making sure they have lots of cosy spots to unwind and recharge.


And so the name Revel & Hide was born... deriving from those two parts of the day: exploring/ discovering/ indulging, and the moments of hiding away to relax before doing it all again.

Lisa is looking to develop a brand for Revel & Hide which will be the vehicle for the story they are looking to tell through their apartment. 

Ultimately an airbnb is a business. It should be rented year-round, every night of the week, but most miss the mark. In an age where marketing as we know it no longer works and consumer attention is a precious commodity, every business owner needs to be a storyteller too. Creating deep connections and owning our uniqueness are some of the most powerful marketing tools we have — and that Is crucial to driving bookings.


The apartment styling will be masculine, moody, textured and locally sourced, with the colour palette consisting of blues, greys, black and wood. The vice is Inner city buzz, industrial, edgy streets and venues, slow morning coffees, adventure planning, relaxed afternoons, cocktails and platters with records playing and evening primping. a place to explore, retreat, indulge and repeat.


The brief was to develop a visual identity that represents this story and the aesthetic Lisa is looking to establish for the apartment - it shoudk all align seamlessly. 


This identity will be rolled out across tangibles such as the guestbook, welcome cards, guidebook etc down the track but initially Lisa will develop the digital footprint for the brand that will include the Airbnb listing, a website landing page and the social media content strategy. 

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