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Working with many investors through PGA and currently referring them externally for their financial requirements, Sam has identifIed an opportunity to service these clients by establishing a brokerage/finance business for PGA to refer their clients to, as their chosen finance partner.


The business will be predominantly of referral nature and so sam wishes to establish a basic branding foundation to assist in positioning itself as a reputable and respected brand to work alongside PGA advisory.

Ultimately, developing a team of trusted finance professionals that have a passion to help clients maximise their opportunities and grow their wealth.

Given the target audience will be investors, it will be imperative that the Ridgemont Partners identity aligns with this demographic. Sam mentioned PGA is currently perceived as Trusting, Reliable, Efficient and Modern, and so Ridgemont Partners should mirror this. however, while this business is associated to PGA, the branding should be different. he is happy for it to be simple yet professional and chic.

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