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As a chef of 16 years experience, Nathan Scarfo was venturing out to stamp his name on a restaurant of his very own. by the close of 2019, “Risi” will be born.


A contemporary fine dining atmosphere in Moonee Ponds with a traditional and sophisticated customer-centred service ethos. The aim is to showcase modern Italian cuisine, through a multi-dimensional dining experience. Risotto will be the hero but Nathan plans to challenge the boundaries of the humble grain.


He wishes for his guests to experience food at a fine-dining standard in a relaxed and welcoming setting. The menu will constantly change and evolve based on fresh, seasonal produce which Nathan has always upheld the importance of.


Walking into the restaurant, guests will be met with earthy tones and moody lighting, a sophisticated Italy village feeling, instantly opening the senses to what is to come – a risotto dining experience uniquely Melbourne.

The brief was to create an identity for Risi that exudes sophistication and character. When explaining the brand for the brief, Nathan chose descriptive words such as classy, sophisticated, charming and smooth. He would like the identity to have a minimal and clean feel, which I believe will be very effective in creating a sharp yet timeless brand.


Nathan explained that the name was chosen based on a couple of factors:


When cooking risotto there is a process used to help it lift/rise. And he also found this symbolises his rise as a chef which I thought was great. interestingly in other European cultures, like greek, Risi means rice.

Once an identity selected, a suite of supporting stationary will be prepared as well as the development of the restaurant menu design and website skins to pass onto Nathan’s web developer.

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