I really enjoyed this major assignment in my final year at Tractor Design School. I was required to develop a brand and logo design for a fictional fine fast food cafe, bar or restaurant located in my city. Once this was established, I was to design a Style Guide that included an overview and philosophy of the cafe/bar/restaurant, a location/map, related imagery, as well as guidelines to how the logo and brand could be used. An in-house menu also needed to be designed and printed, as well as a series of postcards for promotional use. Once completed, I has to prepare 3D mock ups such as food

packaging, coasters, condiment labels or alike, as well as 2D applications that demonstrate how the logo and promotional postcards could be used on a shopfront, billboard and so on.

I decided on a cafe that would be a picky foodie's dream. Offering healthy spins on regular fave dishes. Organic, raw, paleo, vegan/ vegetarian, superfood alternatives with food intolerances being able to be catered for. Pretty much you build what you want on a plate (or in a cup). And with this theme in mind tied in the dachshund mascot - a dapper, active and cheeky "hunter/ gatherer”. The vibe will also focus on wellbeing and fitness, so I am thinking of the fit out being something like a warehouse conversion that also offers pilates/yoga classes on the covered rooftop terrace (yes, active wear will be a suitable attire to stay and dine in lol) and a ground floor “pet-friendly” terrace where dogs can join their owners at the tables while they eat.
I named it Shortie.

Shortie Cafe | Business Card Design
Shortie Cafe | Table Water Bottle
Shortie Cafe | Logo Stamp
Shortie Cafe | Sandwich Paper
Minivan Mockup
Shortie Cafe | Apron
Shortie Cafe | Promotional Board
Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.45
Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.41
Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.45
Shortie Cafe | Logo Development
Shortie Cafe | Graphic Development
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