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• Identity Creation

• Identity Refinement/Realignment


• Brand Strategy

-  Your “why”

-  Brand Mission

-  Target Audience

-  Ideal Client


• Brand Guidelines

-  Visual Identity

-  Tone of Voice

-  Typeface Selection

-  Applications Rules and Limitations


• Brand Awareness

   Strategies to effectively expose

   the brand to target audiences

• Ongoing Brand Management and



Creation of all visual communication across both print and digital mediums to effectively and consistently support your brand. This can include but is not limited to:


• Stationary Suites


• Marketing Collateral, ie:

-  Company Profile

-  Promotional Booklets/Flyers/Posters

-  Pricelists/Menus

• Digital Content 

-  eBrochures/downloadable white papers 

-  EDM Design

-  Website and Social Media Artwork/GIFs

• Packaging Design

• Office or Shop Signage/Building Hoarding

• Wix and Squarespace website development

   for service-based businesses as well as

   ongoing management of Wordpress websites


• Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy


• Social Media Management and Marketing


• Content Creation (Branded Artwork/GIFs)

• Content Library Development (Sourcing visuals that support your brand, aesthetic and colour palette)


• Build a Database of Loyal and Engaged Brand Advocates


• Database/Website Remarketing and Lead Generation - Targeted local advertising of your products/services to website/landing page traffic

• Development of Brand Ambassador Referral Programs and Influencer Management


• Blog Content Strategy and Ongoing Management


I also assist in delivering Digital Marketing courses at General Assembly's Melbourne campus. As an Instructional Associate, I work with the students to understand the most important tools for executing digital marketing strategies and best practices for each tactic - from UX and landing pages to SEO, email marketing and beyond. I also offer this service to clients on a consulting basis, so please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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