• Identity Creation

• Identity Refinement/Realignment


• Brand Strategy

-  Your “why”

-  Brand Mission

-  Target Audience

-  Ideal Client


• Brand Guidelines

-  Visual Identity

-  Tone of Voice

-  Typeface Selection

-  Applications Rules and Limitations


• Brand Awareness

   Strategies to effectively expose

   the brand to target audiences


Creation of all visual communication across both print and digital mediums to effectively and consistently support your brand. This can include but is not limited to:


• Stationary Suites


• Marketing Collateral, ie:

-  Company Profile

-  Promotional Booklets/Flyers/Posters

-  Pricelists/Menus

• Digital Content 

-  eBrochures/downloadable white papers 

-  EDM Design

-  Website and Social Media Artwork/GIFs

• Packaging Design

• Office or Shop Signage/Building Hoarding


• Social Media Strategy


• Social Media Management and Marketing


• Content Creation (Branded Artwork/GIFs)

• Content Library Development (Sourcing visuals that support your brand, aesthetic and colour palette)


• Build a Database of Loyal and Engaged Brand Advocates


• Database/Website Remarketing and Lead Generation - Targeted local advertising of your products/services to website/landing page traffic

• Development of Brand Ambassador Referral Programs and Influencer Management


• Blog Content Strategy


• Assistance in Building Wix and Squarespace Websites for Service-based Businesses as well as Management of Wordpress Websites

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